Some 12 art and craft groups meet regularly in our workrooms  – weekly, fortnightly or monthly, to suit participants, and Society members can join as many or few groups as they choose. Our Gallery displays members’ work in exhibitions that change each month. The Society’s Shop and Gallery are run by volunteer members, who are welcome to submit items for exhibition and sale.

Our Arts and Crafts shop is open!

While we’re unable to meet while we UNITE AGAINST COVID-19we can keep in touch via social media.
Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and similar media are proving to be a lifeline for people who’re already feeling isolated, as well as now that we’re actually in physical isolation.

Kapiti Arts and Crafts Society is here for you to share your art and craft activities while we’re unable to meet:

KA&CS on Facebook   and   Kapiti Gallery on Facebook

Pinterest – share your creations,  inspiration and photos of anything crafty or artful

LinkedIn – make social, community and employment connections: great for artisans who sell online and face-to-face

Twitter – share arts and crafts news. Our twitter handle is ArtCraftKapiti

Keep safe, keep in touch, keep being kind, keep creating!